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smip budova Company SMIP belongs to the front producer and supplier from stairs and handrailings in the Czech republic. In our portfolio of products you can find a wide range of typical stairs and handrailings also products according to the individual project of single costumers. Our products are presented with the highest quality and economical price. In this branch we offer so to you individual admittance and professional guidance.

Beginning of the company dates from the year 1991. On the same year grew under the signSMIP stairs and handrailings of the most modern building constructions and highest quality. On the basis of the our development applyed company SMIP - Pavel Smidrkal protection of the original structural designs in the form of seven utility designs. Except of the Czech market, SMIP succesfully exports to the markets of Slovakia, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Our ambition is continually to improve the tender services and gradual expanding of the range of the offering products. Yearly are so expended big financial resources into the purchase of new technologies, whereupon we can offer all the increasing quality of the products and services.

Quality, quickness, dependability and professionalism are the base for the satisfaction of our costumers.

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