of you we have helped technically

3D laser

as one of the few manufacturers we use 3D laser


successfully completed stairs, staircases and railings


original design solutions in the form of seven utility models

SMIP - production of staircases

We have made over 12,000 staircases since 1991, which corresponds to a height of 36 kilometres. That is 36 times more than the world’s tallest building (Jeddah Tower).

In 2008, we installed a 3D laser machining centernow used for machining of all profiles and pipes, which we also roll. This center can handle any closed, open profiles and irregular profiles. Based on our own development, we have applied the protection of original design solutions in the form of seven utility models.

What are we doing:

  • we offer 7 basic types of staircases,
  • thanks to the possibility of material and shape combinations, customers can choose up to hundreds of different variations,
  • we are happy to adapt to the individual ideasthatcustomers bring to usto produce tailored staircases
  • for better understanding, we also create 3D models
  • we also offer expert advice.

We realized various orders in the Czech Republic and foreign countries.

Company SMIP is known to customers not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. We have realized orders for Česká pojišťovna, Česká spořitelna, AZ Tower, Hotel Four Seasons, National Technical Museum in Prague, National Technical Library in Prague. In foreign countries we supplied our products for family houses in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia and South Sudan.