Types of staircases

The staircase is an important functional and aesthetic element in the interior. We offer different variants that respect the pros and cons of each interior. What interior staircase is right for you? Pay attention to safety – non-slip surface, sufficient tread width, correct step height or railing choice. Furthermore, the layout must be respected. The choice depends on the size of the space, eventually also the possibility of anchoring or the possibility of placing the staircase into free space. We construct straight, spiral, U, L or C-shaped staircases.

But also think of the “production” of the staircase itself, transport and installation. Also important is the design, its conceptual suitability for the overall appearance of the interior as well as your personal taste and comfort.

By shapes


Straight staircase


Two-arm U-shaped staircases


Spiral staircases




C-shaped staircase

By purpose


Glass staircases


Wooden staircases


Industrial staircases

How much space does the stairs take? -
What size of tread?
What are the recommendations?

Materials of staircases

Stairs can be chosen from many materials and colors.

Typy stupňů

Nabízíme několik typů schodišťových stupňů, výběr je jen na vás.