of you we have helped technically

3D laser

as one of the few manufacturers we use 3D laser


successfully completed stairs, staircases and railings


original design solutions in the form of seven utility models

Delivery speed and style of our work

Laser cutting is a method thanks to which is possible to cut different materials such as mild steel, stainless steel ev. aluminium more quickly and accurately. In SMIP, we have a 3D laser machining center that enables to cut mild steel up to thicknes of 22 mm and cut large and heavy profiles up to 8 meters long and 480 kg weight. We put emphasis on individual approach to our customers offering individual solutions including 3D modeling.

Because we offer individual solutions, we set the price after sending the documents by the customer. This is because we first have to program the partsto determine the production times, and then we can set the price for production (cutting).
The dates of possible production are also individual, we always try to make the order as quickly as possible according to our customer’s wishes. Generally, however, we can say that delivery dates range from several days to weeks.

Working with laser in SMIP

  • Not every staircase company has the lasers we have. In 2008, we installed 3D laser machining center – Mazak 3D Fabri Gear 300
    – Our laser can process any closed and open profiles – H and I beams, round, square or triangle tubes,  but also irregular profiles. With its 3D tilting cutting head cuts tubes exactly under demanded angles. It is also equipped with a threading system thanks to which is much easier, faster and, above all, more accurate to assemble and weld individual parts.
  • Programming of pipes, closed and open profiles is done using the program FG CAD / CAM.
  • We will be also pleased to create 3D models according to your designs, or you will be required to send materials such as IGS or STP 3D models for the production needs.
  • Almost any place of our country is near us. We are located in the middle of our republic, next to the motorway D1.

Laser technical informations for large and heavy profiles:

  • Title: Mazak laser machining center 3D Fabri Gear 300
  • Resonator power: 4000W
  • Working range:
    diameter 20–270 mm
    rectangular profiles up to a maximum width of 203.2 mm
    profile length max. 8000 mm
  • Maximum profile weight: 480 kg
  • Maximum wall thickness in millimeters:
    steel – 22 mm
    stainless steel – 10 mm
    aluminum – 8 mm
  • Repetitive accuracy ± 0.01 mm / 100 mm resp. ± 0.01 °


Should you be interested in anything, don’t be worried to get in touch.
Marian Šmidrkal
E-mail: info@smip.cz

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