TECHNISTONE – hardened stone is a material made from 93% natural raw materials – especially quartz and granite and 7% technological improvements. These form a resin (which holds the individual components together and gives the hardened stone the necessary strength) and color pigments (which guarantee a high aesthetic level and above all color stability).This product has practically the same and in some ways significantly better properties than natural stone.

Starlight White
Starlight Sand
Starlight Ruby
Starlight Mocca
Starlight Latte
Starlight Grey
Starlight Frappe
Starlight Corto
Starlight Brown
Starlight Black
Starlight White
Starlight Grey
Starlight Galaxy
Starlight Arabesco
Starlight Black
Harmonia Altay
Harmonia Dolomites
Harmonia Sierra
Harmonia Velasco
Harmonia Yosemite
Classic Ice
Crystal Absolute White
Crystal Anthracite
Crystal Cream Beige
Crystal Diamond
Crystal Nevada
Crystal Polar White
Crystal Quartz White
Crystal Royal
Crystal Balance White
Crystal Eco Ash
Crystal Eco Nev
Elegance Eco Zen
Gobi Black
Gobi Brown
Gobi Grey
Crystal Sahara
Karpat Arizona
Taurus Brown Pearl
Taurus Black
Noble Areti Bianco
Noble Argos Nero
Noble Athos Brown
Noble Cloudy Onyx
Noble Concrete Grey
Noble Desiree Gray
Noble Imperial Grey
Noble Ivory White
Noble Lusso Champagne
Noble Olympos Mist
Noble Perlato Luna
Noble Pietra Grey
Noble Silver Notte
Noble Botticino Iores
Noble Calista Lores
Noble Carrara Iores
Noble Pro Cloud
Noble Pro Frost
Noble Pro Storm
Noble Supreme White Lores
Noble Troya Lores
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